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Maximum file size: 5GB

Unlimited File Storage

With Uploadia you can upload and share as many files as you like. There are no storage limits. As long as each file you upload is under 5GB each you are good to go!

Secure Encryption

All files uploaded to Uploadia are transferred securely from your browser to our secure servers. We always store uploaded files in encrypted format.

Super Fast

When you are uploading or downloading a file from our super fast servers, we never limit the speed. Our service is as fast as your internet connection.

No Registration Required

With Uploadia you can upload and share your files immediately, there is no registration required and we don't ask for any personal information.

Your Files Are Yours!

Unlike other file storage and file sharing companies, we do not claim ownership of the files you upload. Your files are yours, simple.

Yes, it's Free!

Uploading and sharing a file with Uploadia is free. There's no catch, its free. Paid accounts are available, but only if you wish to upgrade.

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